Thursday, October 21, 2010

PC-Gaming history

As I mentioned in my first post, one of my biggest hobbys, if not THE biggest hobby of mine is playing videogames on PC. Sometimes I really think that Im spending a little to much time for that but I am having fun, so its ok.
When I was younger I didnt have a own PC for a long time, so I only got in contact with videogames when I visited friends. I didnt really feel attracted by this in the beginning, but someday my friend got a game called "Midtown Madness", a racing game located in the city of chicago. We spent hours just driving around and crashing other cars. It was fun back in that time, though I have to say that I got my hands on that game about a year ago and it was way better in my memory. Anyway, because of this game I started to get into playing videogames and especially racing games. Then in 2003 when I was 11, I finally bought my first own insanely fast(AMD Athlon with a 1,8GHz CPU iirc) computer. At first I mainly played racing games like the first Need for Speed Underground(Unfortunately Midtown madness didnt run on that PC). Then for Christmas I got GTA Vice City and I fell in love with it. Imho its still one of the best videogames EVER created. From that time on I started to play action titles too. Today I pretty much play FPS- games exclusively, exept for a few exceptions.

So that was my rough gaming history, I hope you enjoyed it and perhaps start following me^^.


  1. Ah a persons first PC.I remember the first one my parents had. 286mhz :D
    First PC I built after I moved out was a 2g w/ 1g mem :> just last Christmas I bought a AMD X4. Soon enough m8 you will be craving (and buying/building) bigger faster machines like the rest of us semi gamers :D

  2. I was 10 when i got my first Computer. And my first internet game i played on a regular basis was Counterstrike Source

  3. Oh, I remember when I used to love crashing cars in demential mini-games.