Sunday, October 31, 2010

Call of Duty Black Ops

Just wanted to post these Black Ops Gameplay videos I found. What do you think about them?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Really Awesome Games #1: Battlefield 2142

Well, because theres nothing really new out there I want to play and I dont really have time I want to tell you something about some nice games I really enjoyed in the past.

The first game I want to introduce you to is Battlefield 2142. This has, by far to be the game Ive played the most time ever(lol does this sentence make sense?^^). In my opinion it was the best Multiplayer FPS game out there. Im saying "was" because like every online game that is out there it was invaded by kiddies,cheaters and lame assholes after some time. But the first year this game was, out it was an absolute joy to play it with the guys from my clan. It was the last real Battlefield until today. You had huge maps with many players and vehicles and the maps werent just 3 flags lined up in a small corridor like in Bad Company 2(Everyone who says that BC2 is a real BF title has absolutely no idea what the BF series stands for). And the average 2142 player was not as nearly as retarded as the average BC2 or MW2 player today is. Propably had sth. to with the average age of the Bf gamers in that time, which was way higher( Í was 15 when I started playing it and I was one of the young players). Today you are glad when you dont die of ear-cancer because a 12year old squeaks into his mic all the time. This older age can propably explained by the fact that it was way harder to get into those games. You actually needed some tactic to win especially in Titan mode. The weapons had RECOIL. You actually needed skill to kill someone in that game. Anf if you were really good you could easily kill 3 people in a row shooting at you because they just pray and sprayed and couldnt hit shit with that tactic. In BFBC2 for example you can be glad when you kill two guys in row because its damn slow paced and every noob can spray  and actually hit sth. in that game. In Bf2142 you could pwn the servers with one or two good squadmates reviving each other. We could join a 16vs16 game into a team that was losing very badly and bringing them back to life and not seldomly turning the game into a victory. Or just flying around in a  transport helo on a large Titan map taking the Silos behind enemy lines and the invading their titan with a full 6-man squad. Good times^^.

My favourite map Cerbere Landing

 Some other random screenshots

 I would have used some of my own but I accidently deleted my screenshot folder some time ago.

Just adding this vid because it reminds me of my first day playing the game:

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Some MoH Screenshots

Im bored but dont know what to write about. So Im posting some screenshots of my second MoH playthrough.

P.S. Im playing on the highest for DX9 because Im still using XP. On DX11 it sure looks a bit better.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Medal of Honor

Just got home from school and feel in the mood to try writing my first minireview. So plz dont be too harsh with me. xD

 The game is overall pretty decent. The graphics are ok though there are games out that look way better. For example the 3 year old Crysis still looks better than this imho. The sound is one of the clear upsides of this game. The gun sounds are nice and crunchy. The characters are very well syncronised and talk like you would special forces mebers expect to communicate with each other. The story is just about average(You are a member of the special forces group Tier1 and fight the taliban in Afganistan) but very well presented. To mix the game up a bit you sometimes switch roles to another soldier and one time even an Apache gunner. For me the game never got really boring or repetetive. But one reason for this, and this is the biggest downside of the singleplayer campaign, is the extremely short time it takes to play through it. I picked the game up on wednesday and finished it yesterday night. I beat the game on hard in a bit more than 3 hours and I died about 10 times the whole time. For 50€ it is way to short and easy and you should wait a bit to buy it if you just care about the SP.

 I havent played the MP part yet, and after watching a few gameplayvids on Youtube I doubt that I will ever try it out. It just looks boring as hell. Just running and gunning and absolutely NO recoil. Thats ridiculous. All in all to much of the MP part reminds me of MW2. They also included the killstreak system and changed it a bit. I still dont get why this noob stuff got so popular. Shit like this just encourages camping fucktards to camp even more. I dont want to piss about it to much because I havent played it for myself. but heres a vid so you can make your own opinion if you havent seen it yet:

All in all, though its high price compared to the length of the game its still a decent game and I had fun playing it.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

PC-Gaming history

As I mentioned in my first post, one of my biggest hobbys, if not THE biggest hobby of mine is playing videogames on PC. Sometimes I really think that Im spending a little to much time for that but I am having fun, so its ok.
When I was younger I didnt have a own PC for a long time, so I only got in contact with videogames when I visited friends. I didnt really feel attracted by this in the beginning, but someday my friend got a game called "Midtown Madness", a racing game located in the city of chicago. We spent hours just driving around and crashing other cars. It was fun back in that time, though I have to say that I got my hands on that game about a year ago and it was way better in my memory. Anyway, because of this game I started to get into playing videogames and especially racing games. Then in 2003 when I was 11, I finally bought my first own insanely fast(AMD Athlon with a 1,8GHz CPU iirc) computer. At first I mainly played racing games like the first Need for Speed Underground(Unfortunately Midtown madness didnt run on that PC). Then for Christmas I got GTA Vice City and I fell in love with it. Imho its still one of the best videogames EVER created. From that time on I started to play action titles too. Today I pretty much play FPS- games exclusively, exept for a few exceptions.

So that was my rough gaming history, I hope you enjoyed it and perhaps start following me^^.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

First post

Hey guys,
 Today I decided to finally create my own blog.
I´m 18 years old and live in Germany.
my interests contain pc-gaming, movies, music, books and doing stuff with friends.
I´m planning to post on this blog regulary mostly about those topics.
I hope you will enloy it^^.